Current Grants and Research Studies

Parentification and Language Brokering

  • The purpose of this study is to explore to what extent parentification and language brokering experienced in childhood are similar in nature and if they have the same deleterious effects of mental health outcomes in adulthood. Status of Project: New

Parentification: Young Caregiving for Parents and Siblings

  • The goal of this project is to determine if there are similar or different effects of engaging in caregiving behaviors for parents and compared to siblings. Status of project: New

Parentification in Latino Families: Understanding Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships in Cultural Context (Triple R Study)

  • The goals of this project are two-fold: (1) to clarify how parentification is defined in the Latino community and (2) to determine the extent to which current measures that assess for parentification are culturally relevant and appropriate for Latino families. Status of project: New

Parentification in Military Families

  • The aims of this project are to (1) examine the prevalence of parentification in military families, (2) explore the aftereffects of childhood parentification in adults who grew up in military families, and (3) clarify how demographic and cultural factors moderate the relations between parentification and select outcomes. Status of project: New

Project Chores (Childhood Roles and Responsibilities and Adult Functioning)

  • This long-term project was directed toward clarifying the strength of the relation between childhood roles and responsibilities and adult functioning (both wellness and psychopathology) in college students. Status of project: Completed

Fit Families Studies

  • This long-term project was directed toward examining the link between mental and physical health in the context of family systems. Specifically, we investigated the extent to which there are health-related patterns evinced across multiple generations in culturally and racially diverse families. Status of project: Completed